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The Sacred Soul Care Spa Services

“Sweet spirit and … liked to get away for alone time to hear God. I was so impressed with [her] commitment to hear what God had for [her].”

 “Heather is passionate about the Word of God and people of God. She embodies a love for Jesus which translates to every element of her life.”

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Inspired by a resort spa experience, your sacred soul experiences have exquisite detail for your unique personal growth and inner transformation.
Simply savor our extensive selection of services that support spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being and transformation through retreats in daily life, guided exercises, and upcoming sacred movement, and a fun culinary perspective and boutique.
Serenely nestled in a lovely virtual destination, your soul care appointments are offered worldwide. 

SOUL CARE services FOR Your MIND, BODY, & Soul

Soul Care Services for a Cause
*All Services & Products Are Tax-Deductible Contributions & Directly Related to our Mission

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$47 Tax Deductible Monthly Soul Care Mentoring Membership includes:

- Monthly Retreat in Daily Life with links delivered to your inbox or available in app with four different monthly-themed movements, reflection questions, links, video, handouts, and spiritual practice with theological aesthetics & Scripture.  Enjoy weekly as a Sabbath in 4 movements, a special weekend retreats each month, or a retreat in daily life containing 10-15 minutes with video, Scripture, and questions that curates Scripture reflection, life coaching, spiritual direction, theological aesthetics, and links to substantiating science.

- Secluded private access to Mentoring Community with weekly live sessions, teachings on a monthly spiritual practice, and downloadable guided prayer meditations.  Invitation to a Mentoring Community or 1;1 coaching
- Access to Our Mentoring Community App for Prayer Requests
- A portion of your tax-deductible fee is allocated for leaders serving in anti-trafficking and survivors.


book with Rev. Heather D. HARRINGTON, MA, PGC, CLC, DMin (ABP)

Individual Spiritual Life Coaching or Spiritual Direction with any of our Specialized & Certified Team.

THE BEAUTIFUL – 7 session COACHING packages  $550

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To schedule an appointment, please contact us with individual links above or
202 505 9992

The Beautiful Year
Mentoring & Coaching Includes:

The Beautiful Year is a mentoring journey with individual and limited cohort coaching in safe space over 12-months’ around a framework of the layered experiences in one-to-one sessions, 10 months of teaching sessions & two retreats, and access to 52 weekly spiritual formation exercises (with interactive videos), reflective questions & Scripture in downloadable format for about 20 minutes a week, offered in fully-virtual version with encouragement to quarterly secure an overnight bed and breakfast or retreat place in order to be physically present with your online experiential mentoring community or in smaller groups if close in location.


- Twelve 50 min. one-to-one spiritual life coaching/direction/mentoring sessions (one/month)
- Sixteen 50 min. small group teachings (SIX at two retreats and TEN at the months between retreats)
- Two beautiful two-night retreats with Heather at the location of your choice with THREE Sessions each, (optional invitation to meet together)
- Access to fifty-two weekly mini-videos and a 10–15-minute spiritual formation exercise to do through prayer and download to make your own journey book.
- A experiential transforming cohort community of ladies in leadership that connect at retreats, private Facebook group, and a unique app for prayer
- Unique Voxer app access with response during office hours.
- Prayerfully selected book list to enhance your journey & secured space for mentee-led book studies together, available in our Boutique Bookstore.
- Your own guided personal Prayer Retreat Guide to fill in reflective questions

- Due after an applicant is accepted into The Beautiful Year to hold the spot and to cover administrative & technical support for the participant’s year-long experience.
- If you change your mind about participating prior to The Beautiful Year, the fee will be converted to a tax-deductible donation and a receipt will be issued and enrolled in the Lovely for the year. (Note that due to unforeseen life circumstances happen, the teachings will be recorded for your access if you needed to miss.)

The cost for the full year including monthly retreats with live cohort space within a framework for listening in reflection, a weekly course of 15 minutes for spiritual formation, a monthly 1-hour cohort mentoring, a specific cohort prayer app, monthly session of individual coaching or spiritual direction for one payment of $3600 or $300 a month, tax-deductible fee.

Cost:  $300 month or $3600

Additional Fees:

Optional 10 of 15 reading list resources, travel to your choice of retreat location, and 3% Paypal processing fee if you opt to pay your admin and/or participant fee via Paypal.


Available as funds permit for up to 50% of the monthly participation fee. 
These elements include recommended reflective readings, a new monthly spiritual practice, prompts for written reflections, a personal prayer retreat, and the possibility to meet in person as a group.  
A final culmination with mastered evening and morning soul-nourishing practices and integrated into your learning in a culmination reflection of sacred rhythms according to your unique personality, season, of life, how you best connect with God, and other material factors will help ground you in continued spiritual growth on The Beautiful Pathway with invitation to join after completing The Beautiful Year.

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Intrinsic Beauty Ministries, Inc. and DBA The Beautiful Pathway is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in good standing since 1996.
EIN # 75-2638906
And under the covering of
The Fellowship Network since 1995.


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Your invitation to experience, connect, and grow await you!

Join from the countryside, city, shoreline, or mountains, we offer soul nurturing rest and a seamless journey so you can bring your divinely cherished self to your leadership and those you love.

Our coaching & retreat experiences and exercises are tailored to your unique character strengths and season in life. Embark on your boutique style personal development journey for transformational change from the inside out for those you lead and love.

Sarah, former mentee

“I immensely benefited from her wisdom, strength and above all, knowledge of the Word of God and pleasant demeanour … embodies outstanding depth and breadth in Christian ministry.”



“She is a teacher who is always ready to help others develop in Christ. She embraces responsibility and manages herself and others with the utmost professionality”

"always ready to help"

Rev. D.R. Guynes, President, Southwestern Assemblies of God University

“Heather’s dedication to Biblical ministry has blessed Southwestern Assemblies of God University and other parts of the world. I heartily recommend her!”