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We exist to empower women to embody being Beloved
& Integrate sacred self-caring love
for the sake of loving and leading others
from their most authentic transforming selves.

our Mission

We have a vision in which women are empowered in their personal growth and spiritual transformation
as a seamless sacred experiential journey, both inward and in community; with services, retreats, and products.  And philanthropical provision to women serving, and survivors impacted by sex trafficking.

our Vision

We value our true identities made in the image of the invisible God who is Love and Spirit; our Essence, that is created good, Genesis 1:31 while also own our actions and behavior, authenticity in connecting with God, ourselves and others in the present, beauty, courage, spirituality & ancient sacred literature in our spiritual practices for personal growth, creating a boutique style service and a spa experience for the soul, calm, relaxing, peaceful, and also deep to remove the knots we carry.
We do this through …
Leading from our most authentic transforming selves.
Creating content, community, & experiences that teach spiritual practices for growing in intimacy with God and self.
Providing mentoring, coaching, teaching, & retreats as services & related products that align with our mission.
Partnering, & philanthropically.


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The Beautiful Pathway offers soul care and spiritual formation through teaching, spiritual life coaching, and mentoring memberships in a transforming community. Our Shoppe holds many beautiful things that align with our mission.
The Beautiful Pathway is conscientiously designed to allow a place where trained and qualified spiritual directors, mentors, and coaches or “creative spiritual entrepreneurs” can offer spiritual guidance or gifts a way that they can be part of a community, be connected with potential directees or mentees, receive donations, raise funds, and be under the covering of Intrinsic Beauty Ministries, Inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 
Since the first centuries of the Christian church and across the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant traditions, courageous leaders have taught this beautiful way of living with-God-in-Christ for others. God became man to be with-us.

Essentially, we are all on the journey finding God in the sacred ordinary days, in others, responding to invitations from God, respecting the paschal mystery, choosing to see through eyes of gratitude, and learning to live with the eucharistic way of life in Christ for the sake of others, for the glory of God, through the incarnational presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit, which is a beautifully courageous, adventurous, and joyful way to live.

Welcome. We would love for you to experience this journey with us.


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Over the years, we’ve worked with these friends, and maintained deep connections with most of them. These are ministries and people we love, with whom we’re so grateful to share in life and good labor, and we heartily recommend all of them.


(Doctor of Ministry Path in Spiritual Formation & Ordained Clergy) is founding president/CEO of The Beautiful Pathway Org. A teacher, certified in spiritual transformation (The Transforming Center & Northern Seminary, PGC), certified spiritual life coach, and seasoned & certified women’s ministry leader, retreat leader, and mentor. She is the author of The Queens of King Ahasuerus in search of the historical Esther, culminating her MA Thesis in Biblical Literature (ORU, 2000), BS in Ministry & Business (SAGU, 1994) and currently writing a book and resources on the spiritual life. 

For over 30 years, Heather has treasured God’s calling on her life of intentionally investing in women’s spiritual growth through encouragement, teaching, and soul care of spiritual direction, mentoring, and life coaching.

Meet Rev. Heather Dawn Harrington:

with Himalayan salt!

I love avocado toast

left a beautiful mark on my soul in 1994 when praying with her in Calcutta, India.

Mother Teresa

is my favorite biome. (And miss island living off the coast of Massachusetts for several years).

the beach

or a caramel macchiato are usually in my morning cup.

Warm mocha lattes

Fun Facts:

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